Schmidt Bros.

Heritage, 8.5" Carving Knife


To cook a great meal start with pure, natural ingredients, and some fine German Stainless Steel. The world-class 8.5-inch Heritage Carving Knife, naturally crafted by Schmidt Brothers exclusively for Williams Sonoma — a superior design achievement for a superior cutting, slicing, carving and everything else in the kitchen experience.

The Heritage Cutlery Series from Schmidt Brothers is raw, ultra-sharp genius, with beautifully sculpted handles, and high-polished blades feature the patented Schmidt Brothers Curve™ - a space for your forefinger to rest and guide the knife with ease. As if that’s not enough, the Heritage series also incorporates a new patented Transitional Bolster, allowing for a smooth transition from pinch grip to the palm of your hand, streaming the bolster into the handle for a more comfortable grip. The Heritage 8.5” Carving Knife. All genius. All functional. All innovation for all your cutting needs.

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