A GPS System... for a Knife?

A GPS System... for a Knife?

Knives don’t come with a GPS. Actually, let’s rephrase that. MOST knives don’t come with a GPS. 

Schmidt Brothers knives are the exception, as they are designed with a directional guide built right in, called the Schmidt Brothers Curve®.  This patented curve sits between the handle and the blade, creating a comfortable space to rest your forefinger and help you guide the blade with greater precision and control.

The patented Schmidt Brothers Curve® also pitches in with safety and better overall technique. For forged knives, it allows the weight of the blade to get distributed under your thumb and forefingers, so the knife isn’t so blade heavy towards the tip. It also creates a longer line for rocking the blade. Aka… a finger guard that prevents your hand from slipping onto the blade.

What else would you expect from a company that uses the same material used for airplanes in our knives

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