3 Best Kitchen Knives Every Chef Needs in Their Arsenal

It is no secret that things can get complicated in the world of food. Many home chefs become overwhelmed with the amount of kitchen gadgets and utensils available to them, while professional chefs might find their kitchens stuffed to the brim with utensils and appliances that are not so functional after all. One area of the kitchen that we can focus on simplifying with little argument is the knife block.

Whether you are a home cook who guesses your way through modern cutlery sets, or a restaurateur whose kitchen is littered with professional chef knives, it is likely that you could streamline things in your kitchen by focusing on three types of knives that are versatile, dependable, and downright trusty.

Most modern cutlery sets come with upwards of 12 knife options at a hefty price tag. Chefs are spending hundreds of dollars to import numerous varieties of professional chef knives that are rarely the best knife for the job. So, what are the must have knives for your restaurant or personal kitchen? It comes down to three, multi-functional, tried-and-true blades that can run the gamut of tasks in your kitchen.

1. 8-inch Chef Knife

The Chef knife has forever been thought of as an extension of the hand. Look for one that has a sharp, fine tip for work that requires more precision, such as cutting tough meat away from the bone. The 8-inch blade also allows for enough length to cut most vegetables, including those tough root vegetables and squash varieties. These dependable knives are also some of the easiest to keep sharp because of their symmetrical blades.

2. Paring knife

Delicate and maneuverable, the paring knife’s functions span the variety of jobs in the kitchen. This knife specializes in tasks that require the chef to hover above the cutting board. Whether peeling apples or hulling strawberries, the paring knife’s size is no match for its function.

3. Bread knife

The most obvious use for the bread knife is of course cutting through crunchy bread crust. Don’t sell her short though, because this girl can be depended on for so much more. Her tough side is evidenced in her ability to slice cleanly through the crustiest of breads or the spikiest of pineapple skins. Her softer side comes out when using her to delicately slice through the ripest of tomatoes. More serration equals easier and faster slicing!

To simplify and increase functionality in your kitchen, look no further than your knife drawer or block. Time to trim the fat – literally and figuratively!