Schmidt Brothers

Forged Steel, 10-Piece Knife Block Set


The Forged Steel knife series. Part steel. Part fire. Part genius. Because what better than a knife wrought from a hunk of hot metal to cut through a hunk of your favorite cheese, bread or beef. Crafted using 100% German stainless steel, the Forged Steel offers the same kitchen experience as professional-grade cutlery, but with a lighter weight design. More than pure lean muscle, these knives are brains meets beauty. Between the handle and the blade lies the intelligent Schmidt Brothers Curve®, so your forefinger has a place to rest and direct the knife with greater ease and precision. As for where the rest of your fingers go, the full stainless-steel design of the handle contour and balance for a comfortable grip and effortless cutting. So you’ll just want to grab hold of it and get cooking. But you might want to wait till the steel cools first.

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