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Schmidt Brothers Kitchen Cutlery
Schmidt Brothers Kitchen Cutlery

Titan 22, 7-Piece Knife Block Set

From the periodic table to your kitchen table, Schmidt Brothers brings you the remarkable Titan 22 knife series, made with pure titanium. If you're thinking "isn't that what they use in tennis racquets and aircraft engines?" Yep. It's both super strong and lightweight - ideal for high performance.
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This set contains:

  8.5" Bread Knife   8.5" Slicer Knife

  8" Chef's Knife

  7" Slim Santoku Knife

  6" Utility Knife   4" Paring Knife

  Midtown Knife Block

  Blade Hardness: 59 +/- HRC

  Blade Angle: 18° each side

  Blade Steel: 100% German DIN 1.4116

  Blade Coating: High Polish Titanium

  Steak Knife Blade: Non-Serrated

  Handle Material: Santoprene

Our high carbon 100% German stainless steel knives must be handwashed.


Slice with ease when you food prep using these lightweight knives.

Titanium Solid

Every knife in the Titan 22 series uses super strength Titanium for long-lasting sharpness.

Ergonomic Handle

Santoprene handles and a unique bolster are designed for strain-free cutting. Your hands will thank us!



Inside the sleek Titanium coating is high carbon German steel for incredible sharpness. The handle is made of high quality silicone for a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

What else would you expect from a knife made from the same material as the most droolworthy tennis racquets?

Schmidt Brothers Curve®

The considered, ergonomic design of our patented Schmidt Brothers Curve® is engineered for a comfortable grip, reduced slippage, and ease of use.

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