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Carbon 6, 2-Piece Carving Set



Carving and serving with a refined touch is made easy with the Carbon 6 2-Piece Carving Set. Featuring an 8.5” Carving Knife and 7” Meat Fork, each is fabricated entirely from high-carbon German stainless steel for strength, durability, and endless use for occasions big and small. As with all of our cutlery, the handle features our patented Schmidt Brothers Curve, ensuring a comfortable grip from start to finish. The set is housed in a distinctive display case that’s great for stowing in small spaces. Sharp in look and blade, this set is an exceptional addition to your home kitchen - get ‘em in your hand and start carving.


  • CUT LIKE A PRO: We designed our carving knife set to make cutting and serving with razor-sharp precision easy; Ideal for roasts, hams, and Thanksgiving turkeys.

  • HIGH CARBON: 100% German stainless steel construction runs full tang for remarkable strength, durability, edge retention, and exceptional balance.
  • GRIPABILITY MATTERS: The considered, ergonomic design of our patented Schmidt Brothers Curve is engineered for a comfortable grip, reduced slippage, and ease of use.

  • STYLE AND SUBSTANCE: Our unpolished, flame-scorched handle is sculpted to fit your hand and provides a striking contrast to the polished finish of the blade.
  • RELENTLESSLY DRIVEN: We’re the Schmidt Brothers and we’re on a mission to craft the finest stainless steel knives, BBQ gear, and cutlery you’ll ever use.


  • 2 Piece Set Includes: 8.5" Carving Knife and a 8" Fork.

Use & Care


  • Avoid cutting on surfaces such as stone, glass or metal, they’re too hard for the blade. Stick with a wood cutting board.
  • Always use caution when handling a knife.
  • If cutting through bone, do not use any knife but a meat cleaver, as other blades can be easily damaged.


  • Hand-wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use a dishwasher to clean Schmidt Brother cutlery.
  • Sharpen your knife at home using a sharpener particularly designed for your blade, or have it sharpened by a professional service.
  • Make sure to store your knife in a safe place to protect the blade and prevent injury.


Lifetime Warranty

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