Summer Time Must Cook Recipes

Summer Time Must Cook Recipes

With it officially being the first day of Summer, it is officially time to break out those summer recipes that have been collecting dust all winter long. Say goodbye to pot roasts and casseroles and hello to outdoor cooking season! Keep reading for two perfect summer recipes that will have your mouth watering all season long - gazpacho and elote. 

Summer afternoons by the pool call for a cold bowl of gazpacho (and a refreshing glass of iced tea). We love Ina Garten’s (Barefoot Contessa) fresh and flavorful gazpacho recipe that features tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and loads of garlic. Besides being an absolutely delicious soup, it also happens to be a perfect way to practice your knife skills! So break out your Schmidt Bros cutlery and get choppin! 

P.S: We recommend leaving your gazpacho in the fridge for one day before consuming (let the flavors develop even more)! 

While we love plain grilled corn-on-the-cob, we love corn-on-the-cob covered in mayonnaise, chili, lime, and cotija cheese even more! Elote is a Mexican street food that is hugely popular, and it is an easy side dish to pair with your favorite protein.  It is crucial to get a slight char on the corn, so make sure to clean off your grill equipment or stock up on some new ones here

Happy Summer cooking! 


[Photo Credit: Serious Eats / Melissa Hom]

[Blog Author: Emma Elman]

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