Series Highlights: The Gridiron, The Highline, and The Shears

Series Highlights: The Gridiron, The Highline, and The Shears

With the launch of our three newest Fall 2023 products, the Highline, Gridiron, and 2-Piece Shear set we wanted to share with you the behind the scenes design process. Jordan Schmidt, one of the founding Schmidt Bros, leads our product ideation, design and development. Today, he shared with us his inspiration behind these new series', from sketches to store shelves. 

The Gridiron draws inspiration from the iconic urban grid of New York City. Having grown up around NYC, Jordan has a lifelong respect for the architecture found throughout the city. Particularly, he has always been inspired by the grid, the ways the streets run through and intersect one another. Another main inspiration for this series was the Flatiron building.

“Our first office was right by Madison Square Park and I always tried to imagine looking at the surrounding buildings, especially the Flatiron from a bird's eye view. I knew when designing this product that it had to have a city feel to it. We put the grid fashion of the city streets onto the handle”.

Combining creative designs and technical excellence, the Gridiron allows you to be confident in the kitchen with style.

Keeping with the New York City theme, Jordan explained the new tang design of the Highline. The Highline series incorporates classic aspects of a full tang knife with a little modern twist. The tang sits along the side of the knife, distributing the pressure evenly, allowing for a smoother, more efficient, and more comfortable cutting experience. When put on its side, Jordan explained, the tang resembles a cityscape. Not only is it structurally sound, but also the Highline has a sleek, elegant, and modern design to be sure to spice up any kitchen counter.

2-Piece Shear Set
Who said shears are just used to cut things? Our multipurpose shears are like a Swiss army knife for your kitchen! Equipped with a built-in bottle opener, lid lifter, screwdriver, and fish-descaler, these shears are going to become your new favorite tool. Our poultry shears will make you feel like a world-class surgeon in your kitchen. These shears allow you to trim, snip, and cut through bones with no hassle. The quality of these shears are so strong that Jordan still uses the samples he made in the early stages of product production. Shop here for them now!

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