Schmidt x Shears = SCHMEARS!

Schmidt Bros. Jet Black Shears

As much as we love using our products to cook delicious meals, we love designing them (almost) just as much. With that being said, we are so excited to introduce two new products: Jet Black & Matte Stainless Steel Forged Shears. 

Here at Schmidt Brothers Cutlery, we pride ourselves on bringing high quality and functional cutlery to cooks of all experience levels. We are excited to bring to you shears that are designed with the best of our kitchen cutlery experience (and that are easy-to-use)! Every cook needs at least one reliable pair of shears in their arsenal. Say goodbye to flimsy shears that pull apart during the first use, and stock up on shears you can rely on. 

 Whether you use shears to spatchcock a chicken or to cut cooking twine, shears come in handy more often than you would think. Take a look at our new shears and let us know how they perform! P.S. We love seeing you use our products, so make sure to tag us @schmidtbros in your culinary creations. 

[Blog by Emma Elman]

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