Say Hello to Schmidt Shears

Say Hello to Schmidt Shears

Now say that 3 times quickly! 

In a world filled with mundane kitchen essentials, Schmidt Bros. is that brand that has always stood out from the crowd leading innovation in the kitchenware industry.  We have been redefining kitchen cutlery, BBQ tools, and storage solutions since 2010.  Now, we've applied the best of kitchen cutlery expertise to a collection of snip-tastic shears.

Have you ever faced the dilemma of having Schmidt Bros. knives in your kitchen drawer and then grabbing a subpar pair of shears to do your culinary bidding? It feels like mixing a vintage Bordeaux with a microwave dinner – a culinary travesty. 

Precision is the name of the game when it comes to shears. Whether you're trimming herbs, opening packaging, or even cutting through poultry bones, you need a tool that's up to the task.  From ergonomic handles to innovative locking mechanisms, Schmidt Bros. shears revolutionize the way we use these everyday tools.

The Schmidt Bros. collection of Shears now includes Forged Stainless Steel Shears, MultiPurpose Utility Shears, Poultry Shears, and Herb Shears to transform your snipping success!



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