Q&A with the Schmidt Bros.

Q&A with the Schmidt Bros.

What is your favorite Schmidt Bros. product and why?

Our Heritage Series 8 inch Chef Knife. We designed a custom bolster that nobody has ever done before that allows you to pinch grip the knife and gives you the best leverage. We also use a material called G10 to create the handle which makes it extra durable and more water resistant. -Jordan

The Acacia Downtown Magnetic Knife Block. I love the warm look of the wood and universal storage feature.  You can add any knife style and size under 9.5inches. It looks beautiful on your counter or up against the wall for extra space, and you can easily see any knife that you want to use. -Jared

Where do you get your greatest inspiration for Schmidt Bros.? 

We are inspired by many art forms from interior design and fashion to architecture and art. Traveling to different countries, experiencing unique cultures, hotels and cars also inspires our products' form and function. -Jordan & Jared

Tell us about the process to create a new Schmidt Bros. product?

We first discuss our inspiration for form, function, look, and feel. Then we create a 2-D line drawing, which then gets turned into a 3-D technical drawing and a rendering. We used to create hand sketches and hand carved wood prototypes. Now, we 3-D print the rendering to feel out the size, angles and comfort level. 

Next, we create a hand-sample knife prototype and use it, abuse it and test its capabilities until it meets our standard. Overall, it’s a 3 month design process with multiple rounds of revisions to perfect the prototype before going into production. We take the design process very seriously! -Jordan & Jared

Hand rendered knife

What’s your favorite thing to cook? 

My favorite way to cook is outside on the BBQ. I love making grilled Porterhouse Steaks and Grilled Veggies. -Jared 

I love to make a Bolognese sauce; the recipe came from a childhood neighbor and I’ve been making it for decades. -Jordan

How did the company get started?   

We launched Schmidt Bros. in 2010 when we realized that high-quality, affordable and beautifully designed knives did not exist for avid home cooks and professionals. Our family has a long history in the housewares and restaurant industry with expertise in German steel, so we innately knew how to solve this need for customers. Our goal was to offer fully forged German stainless-steel knives that are durable, comfortable and long-lasting. 

BBQ tools and universal knife blocks became a natural extension of our knives. Most companies create storage solutions for only their knives. We wanted to offer flexible storage solutions for Schmidt Bros. knives and any other knife, as well as a beautifully designed product to display on your countertop. 

Our business is built on quality relationships with our customers as well as our retail partners. We take a lot of pride in our customer service (with an actual person helping our customers) and our lifetime warranty as customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. -Jared & Jordan

What are you most excited about for Schmidt Bros. future? 

We’re excited about creating Schmidt Bros barware (we love a good cocktail around here), expanding into lifestyle partnerships and more collaboration opportunities with celebrated restaurants and chefs. -Jordan & Jared


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  • Patricia Bagley

    I just bought a four piece steak knife set with white oak handle. I would like to know if the can be washed in the dishwasher.

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