How Are Kitchen Knives Made at Schmidt Brothers Cutlery?

How Are Kitchen Knives Made at Schmidt Brothers Cutlery?

Not all knives are created equal. In fact, some are very unequal. When it comes to quality kitchen knives, it all starts with how they are made. And, while you might think the process is very similar from one knife maker to the next, the truth is that the knife making process couldn’t be more varied. Of course, if you want a knife made right, then there’s only one - make that two - people to talk to: The Schmidt Brothers.

Jared and Jordan Schmidt, the sibling duo behind the eponymous knife company, are so much more than knife enthusiasts, although that’s a great place to start.  Passionate about design and obsessed with invention and innovation, the Schmidts became fascinated with classic German steel knives. Fans of these knives’ functionality and traditional elegance, the brothers got to work finding ways to make the kitchen tools even more practical - more durable, more efficient, more beautiful, more affordable.

Turns out, they were on to something.

Not only did their initial tinkering birth their line of world class cutlery, but it has also evolved to include other chef-friendly products, like aesthetically pleasing storage blocks and barbecue accessories.

For the Schmidt Brothers, the question, “How are kitchen knives made?” has lead them into a career, a passion, and a thriving business. Of course, every occupation has its hazards, and the two have their fair share of knife-related battle wounds. But, like with any relationship, the closer you get, the more you learn. For the Schmidts, that means that they are learning how to actually redefine modern knife making, keeping in mind both professional chefs and at-home cooks.

Part of their chef-first approach is to make sure that they don’t cut any corners when it comes to knife making. Things like simply slapping a handle on an uninspired piece of steel in an effort to save money just doesn’t fly. But, because they’re also committed to the everyday home chef, they know that making knives an expensive luxury just isn’t part of their company ethos.

The solution?

Bridging the gap between professional quality and everyday affordability by continuing to push the boundaries of design.

Jared and Jordan Schmidt aren’t just knife makers; they’re knife designers. And there’s a big difference between the two. While knife makers will use the same process to create the same product, knife designers will ask questions first, allowing themselves to be curious and wonderfully unattached to the process. In doing so, knife designers find new ways to craft tools that were at one point believed to be impossible.

A knife that’s perfectly balanced, beautifully crafted, cuts like butter, impossibly affordable, and as acclaimed by chefs as it is stay-at-home cooks? That’s what Schmidt Brothers Cutlery is all about. Not only do they make knife making fun, but they’re breathing new life into an art that very few people even think about.

So, the next time you wonder how a kitchen knife is made, think about the Schmidt Brothers - and don’t stop yourself from geeking out on that perfect chef knife you just scored.

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