Happy Birthday, America.

Happy Birthday, America.

Happy July 4th, community!

On this Independence Day we are excited to celebrate with some good eats and even better company. There are very few things that are as quintessentially American as barbequing on July 4th, and this is exactly how we plan to spend our holiday with our loved ones. There is no better time than to break out those BBQ skills you’ve been saving up all winter. Whether you are a grill master or a newbie just using your grill for the first time, here are a few helpful tips to ensure a successful July 4th. 

Tip #1 – Oil Your Grill 

  • Just as you would oil or butter a pan before cooking in the kitchen, it is important to do the same to a grill. It is easy to forget to oil the grill as it is a much different piece of equipment than typical ovens or stovetops, but it is equally important to clean. We recommend using grill-specific cooking spray to avoid any food sticking. Nothing is worse than a beautiful piece of meat sticking to the grill!

Tip #2 – Use Grill Planks for Additional Smoky Flavor

  • Have you ever heard of grilling with a soaked cedar plank? If not, let us now introduce them to you. Cedar planks add a beautiful smoky flavor to the food that is cooked on it, and we love using them, specifically, to cook salmon. You can, however, cook steak, chicken, vegetables or anything of your choosing on the planks. The best part? They are easy to use. First, pick yourself up a set of planks. About 1-2 hours before you are ready to grill, soak your plank(s) in water. After you have prepared your grill, put the soaked plank on the grill and close the lid. When the plank begins to smoke, using a pair of tongs, flip the cedar plank around and put whatever it is you want to cook on top. It is really that easy to add complex flavors to a simple dish!

Tip #3 –  Use Skewers and Grill Baskets

  • To ensure the food you prepared does not fall through the grill grates, utilize skewers or grill baskets when cooking smaller food. We personally like using a grill basket to cook chopped veggies and enjoy using skewers for shrimp, cubed chicken, or onions, and peppers. 

These are just a few tips to help you be a BBQ boss today on July 4th and beyond! Of course, grilling is not possible without grill utensils. Check out our grill products and stock up on some high quality utensils to enjoy all summer long. 

Blog by Emma Elman

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