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End-Grain Cutting Boards

We are so excited to have recently launched the new Schmidt Brothers 18" Acacia End-Grain Cutting Board.  Available exclusively at Walmart, this board is a beautiful, strong surface you can trust to last you for years to come. Featuring blade-friendly, naturally soft Acacia wood and hand grips for easy moving and carrying, our elegant cutting board is sure to be a perfect addition to your kitchen.  For a product that typically can cost between $80 - $150, we're proud to offer this quality board at a rarely-seen price of $30. Want to know more about what makes our board special? Keep reading!

Why choose an end-grain cutting board?

Good question! End-grain cutting boards are designed with the end pieces of wood facing up leaving you with a stronger, longer-lasting board. With the end-grains facing up, you won’t have to worry about accidentally cutting through the long grains and splintering your board. On end pieces of wood, the wood fibers are resilient and will bounce back after being cut through, making the board look brand new for an extended period of time. End-grain cutting boards keep your knives sharper and are easier to clean, due to the lack of cracking, and are more sanitary. 

What is special about Acacia wood? 

We love Acacia due to its durability, high water-resistance, and most importantly, its antibacterial properties. Acacia is strong yet soft enough that it will not damage your blade edges. Additionally, and the best part, it is safe to use for serving and preparing food (including raw meat)!

What about Bamboo?  Isn't that a durable material, too? 

Despite appearances, bamboo is actually grass, not wood, and it sprouts up surprisingly fast; some bamboo varieties grow up to 36 inches in just 24 hours. This makes it a sustainable, cheap material for any number of products, including building materials, furniture, and cutting boards.   While this may be more value-focused, a lot of knife and food professionals are adamant against bamboo cutting boards.  As Jared Schmidt recently shared with Serious Eats, "Bamboo cutting boards are great for their natural density, which helps to seal and protect the board against water damage and bacteria build-up.  However, they are pretty brutal on your knife edge due to the hardness of the bamboo.  While you can get away with light chopping on bamboo boards, we recommend end-grain cutting boards because they offer a high level of softness to reduce unnecessary knife dulling."  

[Blog by Emma Elman]

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    Hi I would like to know how I can register my cutting board for the lifetime warranty?

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