Food x Design Festival

Food x Design Festival

This past Sunday we held an event at the new Crate & Barrel flagship with special guest Melissa Ben-lshay, CEO @bakedbymelissa & Author. Melissa held a cutting demonstration using our Evolution series knives, creating her stunningly colorful Rainbow Kale Salad. This recipe went viral on TikTok and is one of the features in Melissa’s new cookbook, Come Hungry, pre-order your copy here!

The event was held at Crate & Barrel’s new flagship store in Flatiron, NYC (which is probably the most aesthetically pleasing and beautiful store we have ever been in). Customers were shuffling in and out, asking questions about the knives, as well as Melissa's upcoming cookbook. We loved not only watching the mesmerizing chopping done by Melissa but also chatting with customers about our knife sets!

The knife that Melissa was using was our 8-inch Evolution Chef’s Knife which is perfect for cutting all the delicious veggies that are in her salad. The evolution series is designed specifically to prevent vegetables from sticking to the blade which we all know can slow down prep and cutting time. The blade is lined with grooves that reduce the surface area by 70%, allowing for that smooth motion through any item in its path. Additionally, the grooves are definitely an eye catcher and honestly just look cool! 

If you want to check out more images from the event look at our Instagram and Tik Tok

[Blog: Alessandra Costantini]

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