Figuring Out How to Organize Kitchen Cutlery Once and For All

Figuring Out How to Organize Kitchen Cutlery Once and For All

Your kitchen cutlery is only useful if you use it. Sound redundant? It is. But, it’s also a real problem. For a lot of at-home chefs, finding the right tools when you need them can be an impossible task, leaving them to use what’s quickly on-hand (and all too often that’s not the right tool).

The secret to getting a handle on this kitchen cutlery dilemma is awesome kitchen organization - and that doesn’t mean just making things look nice and neat. An organized kitchen isn’t helpful, unless it’s also functional. That means, your kitchen cutlery needs to be where you need it when you’re getting down and dirty on dinner.

Below are some smart tips from kitchen pros that can help you finally figure out how to organize kitchen cutlery the right way…

  1. Know How You Work. Not all kitchens should work (or look) the same. Depending on how you work and what you like to work with, your kitchen should be organized to be incredibly practical and efficient. If you know you like to get your hands dirty before getting out your tools, for example, then you need to make sure your kitchen knives aren’t buried in the back of a super deep cupboard. (Or else you’ll end up shouting for someone - an accommodating spouse or an irritated neighbor - to come to your rescue.)
  1. Put Your Kitchen Cutlery Where You Need It. No matter how beautiful or brilliant an organization plan might be, if your knives aren’t where you need them when you need them, then it’s not going to do you any good. To really organize your kitchen, you need to make all of your tools, including your cutlery, convenient to access. For example, if you prep your meat on the island, but keep your chef knives in a cute box in the pantry, then there’s a good chance you’ll end up using whatever knife you can get your hands on, rather than the knife you really want.
  1. Organize By Use, Not Type. As much as you want to try to put all of your kitchen cutlery in the same place, the reality is that this isn’t always the best idea. Instead of trying to organize your kitchen tools by type, try instead to organize by use. That means, if you use certain tools by the stove and other tools on your island or butcher block, those tools should live together, regardless of what they are.

The more you understand how you work in your kitchen, the better you’ll be able to really organize your tools. Don’t get caught up in what other at-home chefs are doing, regardless of how “smart” it might seem. The only way to really stay organized in your kitchen is to create a plan that works for you. While it takes some work and forethought to do the job right, it’s the best way to make the most (and best) use out of all of your kitchen cutlery.

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