Elevated Kitchen Storage with Schmidt Brothers

Elevated Kitchen Storage with Schmidt Brothers

Your kitchen is where the magic happens, beautiful dishes are created and enjoyed with loved ones. Channeling your inner masterchef by turning carefully picked, well cooked ingredients into a masterpiece on the plate is truly an art form. But why should your food be the only beautiful thing in your kitchen? We believe knives should be displayed in your kitchen just as an artist would hang their work on the wall. Elevate your kitchen with some of our best recommendations below:

Our modern knife blocks are the perfect addition to any kitchen that needs a little bit of accessorizing. We know, better than anyone, how precious counter space is, especially in a smaller kitchen. Our blocks are specifically designed to take up as little space as possible so you can use your counter for its actual purpose. Additionally, we believe that your knives should be showcased so we designed our blocks for that exact purpose. Our blocks have an acrylic cover that protects your knives while also showing them off!

Modern Knife Blocks

The Midtown series is our recommendation for anyone that has a smaller set of knives and limited counter space. The midtown block, which comes in black, brown, and white, holds up to 8-10 knives. And if you’re thinking you have more knives in your arsenal, our Downtown block series holds up to 16-18 knives. The Downtown block comes in both black and brown but also an exclusive honeycomb design that is sure to be an attention grabber in any kitchen. 

Wall Bars:

Sometimes, saving counter space is non negotiable, but we didn’t hear anybody say anything about wall space. Our knife wall bars remove all of your worries about having limited counter space and give you the freedom to buy as many knives as you want! The wall bars come in both black and brown, in 18” and 24” sizes. The 18” wall bar holds 8-10 knives and the 24” bar holds 12-16 knives. These bars elevate any kitchen, saving space while also easily decorating your wall! 

Any of our recommendations will help to spice up your kitchen and also provide practical everyday use! 


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