Are Combo Knife Sets Worth It?

Are Combo Knife Sets Worth It?

You may be asking yourself - do I need a full knife block set, or will the core essentials do? The answer is a very clear.... it depends! 

In designing our newest Combo Set, we wanted to make sure our cooking rookies out there - those with small space, new to cooking, college students moving into their first apartments, or really anyone who is looking for a fresh new set of knives - had the basic necessities required to chop, slice, peel, or cut. 

As with all of our German-steel knives, this set contains our patented Schmidt Brothers Curve, allowing you to have ease and control when performing all of your kitchen tasks. Also, this set comes in both white and black, giving you the option to pick which one you think would look best in your home.

Our new set comes with an 8” Chef Knife, a 5” Santoku Knife, 4” Paring Knife, Multipurpose Utility Shears, and Poultry Shears. Each item has a protective sheath to keep fingers safe in your drawer when not in use. 

Still looking for a reason why to buy this set?  At $32.99, the Schmidt Brothers 5-piece Knife and Shear Combo set is an affordable and perfect starter set.  Get your hands on one today, exclusively at Costco.

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  • Pauline

    Hi there! Are these BPA free? What kind of stainless steel is it? 18/10? 18/0? Something else?

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