Apartment Kitchen Essentials

Apartment Kitchen Essentials

With summer being the most popular time to rent an apartment, many of us are now moving into new apartments, and for some, their first. When moving into an apartment, especially one that is smaller (shoutout @NYC!), it is important to work WITH the space, not against it. Space in apartments - and especially kitchens - is a luxury, so many of us look for space-saving solutions. Several of us here at Schmidt Bros have experienced apartment living, and we hope this list helps you make the most out of your new kitchen.

1) Invest in a good, but small blender 

  • We like blenders like the nutribullet because they are compact but still get the job done. The nutribullet is perfect for apartment living because it fits in cabinets, as well as not taking up too much space on your countertop. You can use the blender not only for smoothies but soups too!

2) Buy a cutting board that is durable and attractive 

  • In apartments, many of us don’t have room to put our cutting boards away after every time we use it. This is why we recommend buying a cutting board that is not only good for your knives but also nice to look at. Buy a cutting board that you can use for cooking and decor. P.S. We have a cutting board of our own! Check it out here.

3) Buy a space-saving knife set 

  • Instead of shoving your knives in a drawer and calling it a day, invest in a knife set with a block. Knife blocks are crucial to ensuring your knives will last for years to come, so we recommend always using a knife block for storage. We not only love our Magnetic Universal Knife Blocks because of their modern, sleek design, but also because they are thin and double-sided, saving you space to use for other essentials. 

4) Invest in a few good quality pans/pots 

  • While inexpensive pans and pots sets sound attractive, oftentimes they simply don’t last longer than a couple of years. This is why we recommend going back to basics and purchasing cooking equipment from reputable suppliers like All-Clad or Our Place. Purchasing pots and pans from long-standing suppliers will ensure your purchase will be a one-time investment (at least for a very long time). With apartment kitchens often being small, you may not need more than a couple pots and a couple pans!

[Blog by Emma Elman}

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