A look into the Schmidt Bros 2023 Holiday Campaign

A look into the Schmidt Bros 2023 Holiday Campaign

At Schmidt Bros., we combine family tradition with modern designs and innovation to create the best chopping experience possible.  With patents on our knife handles, bolsters, and even blade treatments, we have successfully evolved a traditional utility into a sexy staple of one's home.  

We believe that inspiration should come from - and reflect - the world around us.  Of course, in today’s world, technology and innovation can be synonymous with AI.

In developing our holiday marketing strategy, we applied those product principles - innovate on our core in order to develop a best-in-class product - and translate that to using some AI assets as part of our 2023 holiday campaign. 

In using AI, we solved common Small Business marketing challenges - time to market, technical limitations, resource constraints - in order to develop a wider array of creative assets. The core of our creativity and work remained the same. However, we gained freedom to more broadly represent the breadth and diversity of life-stages and holiday traditions across our community. 

Of course, AI does not - nor do we believe should ever - replace the many team members involved in the process of bringing a campaign to life.  In fact, it illuminated the need for more technical talent who can amplify new technologies. Nor does it replace the value we place on elegant photography, videography, food styling, etc.  That will and should continue, as we have still done in this campaign.  However, for this year’s holiday season, we are excited about the ability to use new technology to enhance our core products.  

 After all - innovation is in our DNA.  And, with a family-owned/operated business, we don’t want to turn our back on that.

[Blog: Karen Segev Schmidt]

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