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2-Piece Shears Set

NEW COLLECTION. Exclusively designed for Target.

The Schmidt Bros. have been redefining kitchen cutlery, BBQ tools, and storage solutions since 2010.  The 2-Pc Shears Set, exclusively available at Target, applies the best of kitchen cutlery expertise to easy-to-use shears.

Regular price$19.99

This set contains:

  Multipurpose Utility Shears

  Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears

Hand wash with warm, soapy water and dry immediately.


The MultiPurpose Utility Shears are your all-purpose workhorses. The built-in bottle opener, lid lifter, screwdriver, herb stripper, fish descaler, and sharpened blades tackle everything from corn to crafts.

The Poultry Shears are spring-loaded to safely and easily trim, snip, and cut through bone with surgical precision. The locking mechanism is easy to engage and disengage, just pinch and turn the center piece to keep the shears shut tight when they're stored away.

Ergonomic Soft Grip

Our handles are designed for comfort and ease of use with soft grip rubber.

Durable Construction

These shears are designed to be used again and again and again...

Blade Covers Included

For safety and storage, a custom blade cover is included with each shears.

Lid Lifter

Herb Stripper

Bottle Opener

Sharpened Blades


Fish Descaler

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