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Two Stage Knife Sharpener

Restore the original sharpness and precision of your cutlery with a 2-stage process that leaves knives as good as new. This handheld sharpener renews the knife back to its original factory edge, letting you master all your chopping needs.

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Instructions: Simply place the knife blade into the sharpener at the point of the blade closest to the handle and pull it through in one smooth movement two to three times.

Please note that for Fine adjustments you do not need to apply pressure to the knife to ensure proper sharpening; the system is set at the factory at the ideal angle.

Coarse sharpening may require some small amount of pressure to properly reset the blade, followed by one or two passes through the Fine side to hone the edge.

Pro Tip: Be sure to wash your knives afterwards to prevent any cross-contamination.

  Sharpening Style 1: Ceramic Rods for fine sharpening & honing

  Sharpening Style 2: Coarse carbide rods that allow you to reset duller blade to factory angles

  Anti-Slip Base

  Handheld Design

Our high carbon 100% German stainless steel knives and tools must be handwashed.

Easy to Use

1 setting for "coarse" and 1 for "fine" to address your weekly (or monthly) sharpening needs.


No professional training needed here. Our two-stage sharpener fits seamlessly in your hand to make keeping your blades as easy as 1-2-3.


Modern knives deserve modern accessories.

Keep it Sharp

Two - Stage Sharpener

Reduce risks and keep your knives at peak performance with an at-home sharpener.

Pro-Tip: To maintain a sharp edge (the sharper the knife, the safer the knife), you should hone your knives once a week and do a full, at-home sharpening once a month.