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Schmidt Bros.

Evolution, 3-Piece Knife Set

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Elevate your cooking with a cutting edge knife that is designed to delight.  Forged from premium 100% German Stainless Steel and designed with a grooved blade that reduces friction and pressure in your chopping while still delivering a straight and clean cut.  Finished with a natural non-stick blade that’s free of coating or chemicals.  The Schmidt Brothers Evolution will deliver a groundbreaking cutting experience whether you’re a home chef or an Iron Chef.  

The theory of evolution may have differing opinions, so we designed our three-piece set to equip you to tackle any debate in your kitchen.

  • 8" Chef's Knife
  • 7" Nakiri Knife
  • 6" Prep Knife
  • Premium Wood Presentation & Storage Box
  • Blade Sheaths for Protective Covering When Storing
  • Blade Hardness: 59 +/- HRC
  • Blade Angle: 18° each side
  • Blade Surface: Airflow Technology
  • Blade Steel: 100% German DIN 1.4116
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel

Our high carbon 100% German stainless steel knives must be handwashed.


The Evolution Series provides home chefs with a cutting-edge knife that simplifies and enhances the chopping experience.

Simplify Prep

Minimize effort and time at the cutting board as ingredients slide off our grooved blades.

Naturally Non-Stick

Zero harmful chemicals or coating needed with our patented Airflow design.

Design Forward

This modern 100% German Stainless Steel blade looks as sharp as it cuts.

Airflow Technology

Grooves that run from the spine down the body of the blade remove the vacuum created by traditional blades.

Effortless Slicing

Decreasing the surface contact by 70% results in a frictionless and non-stick experience, free of chemicals, coatings, or compromising your clean edged slice.

Schmidt Brothers Curve®

The considered, ergonomic design of our patented Schmidt Brothers Curve® is engineered for a comfortable grip, reduced slippage, and ease of use.


Our Evolution series is a naturally non-toxic, non-coated, non-stick knife that raises the standard of what you cook with.

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