Kitchen Tools Every Host Needs For The Holidays

Kitchen Tools Every Host Needs For The Holidays

Holidays are for spending time with loved ones and making memories. However, if you have the privilege of hosting this year you have first hand experience of just how hectic the holidays can be! From cleaning, to setting the table, to making sure everyone is fed, the holiday’s can definitely be a stressful time. While we can’t control every aspect of this holiday season, we can definitely help out in the kitchen. Here are our top items we suggest being armed with before you host any dinner party:

Shears and Carving Set:

The last thing you want to do is spend more time prepping and in the kitchen than you have to. Our shear sets are here to help you from cutting herbs to spatchcocking a chicken. These shears really do it all and are going to become your go to in the kitchen. Our carving set can be used to help you slice through your holiday ham or pork roast (a Schmidt family favorite!). 

Knife Sets:

Your best friend in the kitchen, especially during the holidays, is your knife.  So, you had better make sure you’re picking a good one! This season calls for a lot of work in the kitchen from prepping vegetables to meats, so you're going to want a trusty knife by your side. For meals consisting of a lot of vegetables you're definitely going to need our Evolution 3-Piece set designed specifically to prevent items from sticking to the blade, cutting your prep time in half! If you are looking for a new knife set, our NEW 7-piece and 15-piece sets equip you with everything you could need in the kitchen. From paring knives to chef’s knives, we have got you covered! 

Steak Knives:

Alright, we know steak knives are typically used for steak (it's in their name) but these are perfect for cutting through any meat. If you don't already have your favorite steak knife, or even if you do, it’s time to add some to your collection! One of the amazing things about our steak knives is not only how effortlessly they cut through meat but also how beautiful they look on any table setting. We have sets that come with four or six knives, including our Harmony Set that even includes chopsticks.

With all of these tools in hand you will conquer the holidays and every guest will want you to host again next year! 

[Blog: Alessandra Costantini]

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