Fall Flavors

Fall Flavors

The trees are changing from green to orange and reds, the weather is getting cooler, and we are starting to see pumpkins everywhere! This can only mean one thing… fall is officially here to stay. There is nothing better than welcoming a new season with an upgraded menu (or, as we would say, a new knife set!). This week in particular, we decided to focus on fall steak recipes for all you steak lovers and grill masters out there. Below are three easy, delicious, super fall recipes that anyone can master! 

Butter-Basted Rib Eye:

For some, Rib Eye can be intimidating to cook but this recipe couldn't be any easier! The only thing you really need for this dish is a little bit of time and thyme. This recipe consists of two simple steps, first, season the steak and let it sit out for half an hour and then throw it into a cast iron pan. And halfway through cooking, now this is the mouth watering part, the steak gets basted in a beautiful, butter mixture that has thyme, rosemary and garlic. And like any good chef knows, let the meat rest for at least ten minutes before slicing. While you’re waiting, get out your placemats, steak knives, and glasses of wine. And if you don't have a favorite steak knife set yet, don't worry we got you covered, shop here

Garlic Steak with Brussels and Butternut Squash:

Steak, brussels, and squash, oh my! A beautiful integration of flavors, this dish combines juicy steak, sweet butternut squash, and hearty brussels sprouts. Perfect for after school weeknights, half the dish is simply throwing a little bit of salt and pepper on the vegetables and then tossing them into the oven! Flank steak is recommended for this recipe but remember, always go against the grain (just like we do for our designs). Sizzle, roast, slice, and enjoy - there's nothing more to it!  

Skirt Steak

For those late and busy weeknights, this dish can be a lifesaver. One of the amazing things about skirt steak is that it really doesn’t take too long to cook at all! This dish is perfect for any occasion, late nights, dinner parties, or even for lunch. Get out your grill, if you’ve even put it away yet, and cook the steak for three minutes, on both sides, and then let rest for five. The steak is then drizzled with paprika butter and then served over kale and farro. This recipe pairs perfectly with one if our steak knife sets, not that we would even try to suggest a wine pairing! 


[Blog: Alessandra Costantini]

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