5 Smart Ways to Creatively Store Kitchen Knives in Your Home

5 Smart Ways to Creatively Store Kitchen Knives in Your Home

How you store your kitchen knives at home might rarely cross your mind, but that’s probably because you’ve been doing it the same way for years (and it’s probably the same way your parents did it). Well, it’s time to recognize that there are better (i.e. cooler, safer, smarter) ways to store your kitchen knives.

Why does it matter?

Because when you get a really good set of kitchen knives, you want to take care of them. And, hopefully, you want to use them, too. How you store your kitchen knives not only impacts how well they’re maintained, but it also determines how often you use them:

If your knives are easy to see and access, then you’ll use them.

And, of course, if they’re not, then you’ll just grab whatever is closest or most convenient to slice that tomato (and we all know the devastation that comes with a smooshed tomato).

So, to open your minds and to get the creative wheels spinning, we’re sharing five smart ways to creatively store kitchen knives in your home. They are:

  1. The Magnetic Strip. One of our favorite knife-storing solutions, the magnetic strip looks attractive and saves space. Easy to mount on any wall in your kitchen, these strips come in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel and wood, so that they match your decor. We love magnetic strips because they are easy on your knives, helping them stay sharp and last longer. Plus, because your knives are within easy reach, it ensures that you will actually use them regularly.
  1. The Chef’s Roll. While arguably not the most convenient, a chef’s roll is guaranteed to make you feel like a badass in your kitchen. Often designed with leather, these rolls hold your knives in place, keeping them organized even when you travel. Designed for traveling chefs, many at-home chefs find them easy to use because it keeps all of your favorite knives together in one place. Just take the roll out of the cabinet or drawer you store it in, unroll on the counter, and get to work.
  1. The Countertop Block. We know, you’ve seen these before. But, there’s a good chance you haven’t done a thorough dive into all of the cool styles of countertop blocks available. From modern and contemporary to beautiful and artistic, some really creative artists have started to make countertop blocks that you actually won’t mind taking up space on your countertops.
  1. The Drawer Organizer. Like the countertop block, there are some creative versions of kitchen knife drawer organizers available today. And while it’s really just a matter of preference when it comes to style, just be sure to choose an option that doesn’t let your knives bang around loosely.
  1. The Under-Cabinet Rack. The majority of people haven’t seen this option, which is a shame because it really is a cool and creative way to store your knives. Under-cabinet knife racks can be made custom for your home or purchased online. (The family-owned company Ultimate Kitchen Storage makes a really cool version.)

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