Schmidt Brothers

Titan 22, 2-Piece Chef & Paring Knife Set


From the periodic table to your kitchen table, the Schmidt Brothers bring you the remarkable Titan 22 knife series, made with pure titanium. If you're thinking "isn't that what they use in tennis racquets and aircraft engines?" Yep. It's super strength and light weight make it ideal for high performance. And what's more about performance than standing in a hot kitchen doing battle with a rib-eye.

But the sleek Titanium finish is just the blade's outside. Inside is high Carbon content German steel for incredible sharpness. The ergonomically designed a handle is made of rubber for a softer grip. And between the handle and the blade lies the patented Schmidt Brothers Curve to improve your precision and control. Then again, what else would you expect from a knife made from the same material as the best tennis racquets?

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