Schmidt Bros.

Forge, 10-Piece Knife Block Set


The Forge knife series. Part steel. Part fire. Part genius. Because what better than a knife wrought from a hunk of hot metal to cut through a hunk of your favorite cheese, bread or beef. Crafted using 100% German stainless steel, the Forge offers the same kitchen experience as professional-grade cutlery, but with a lighter weight design.

More than pure lean muscle, these knives are brains meets beauty. Between the handle and the blade lies the intelligent Schmidt Brothers CurveTM, so your forefinger has a place to rest and direct the knife with greater ease and precision. As for where the rest of your fingers go, the Forge’s handle is crafted from exotic Acacia wood. So you’ll just want to grab hold of it and get cooking. But you might want to wait till the steel cools first.

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