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BBQ Ash Grill Mesh Basket

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It’s grilling season. You’ve got your Schmidt Brothers BBQ Ash Mesh Basket, right? Of course you do. How else would you stop small foods from falling through the cracks? Plus, the long handle makes grilling without fear of getting burnt easy. Then there’s the removable handle, which lets you shut the grill to lock in all that smoky flavor. That’s a useful feature. And who could forget the sleek Ash Pakka wood? Say you don’t have one yet. Let’s go ahead and fix that.


  • YOUR SAFETY NET: The Schmidt Brothers designed

    BBQ Ash Mesh Basket. Because you’re here to feed your family, not your grill.

  • EMBRACE POSSIBILITIES: Just think of all the food you thought was too small to grill. Now throw all of it into the steel mesh basket.
  • THREE REASONS, GO: The long handle makes grilling safer. It's detachable too, so you can shut the grill. Plus, the Ash Pakka wood style made to last
  • WE'LL WASH UP: Clean up is a breeze with a ceramic coated, non-stick steel basket that doesn't just look great, but is completely dishwasher safe too.

  • OUR GRILL-SOPHY: We're the Schmidt Brothers and we want to craft you the finest stainless steel barbecue tools this side of anywhere, anytime, any material. Sound good?


  • Product Length - 17.5 inches
  • Product Width - 14 inches
  • Product Height - 2.0 inches

Use & Care

  • BBQ Basket is dishwasher safe without the handle.


  • Lifetime Warranty

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