Schmidt Brothers Kitchen Cutlery Schmidt Brothers - Bonded Teak, 6” Double Edge Utility Knife, High-Carbon German Stainless Steel Cutlery

Bonded Teak, 6” Double Edge Utility Knife

We call this Double Edge Utility Knife Bonded Teak because the 100% German stainless steel blade and the South Asian Teak Wood were designed to be in perfect harmony, giving you a precise and pleasurable cutting, peeling, coring and prepping experience. Just wait till you use it your kitchen. You’ll bond pretty quickly, too.

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  Blade Hardness: 59 +/- HRC

  Blade Angle: 18° Double Serration

  Blade Length: 6"

  Construction: Full Tang

  Blade Steel: 100% German DIN 1.4116

  Handle Material: Teak Wood

Our high carbon 100% German stainless steel knives must be handwashed.

Superior Control & Safety

Our handles and bolsters are designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. Your hands will thank us!

Fully Forged

No shortcuts here! Our Bonded Teak knives are fully forged from 100% German Stainless Steel.

Sustainably Sourced

We only incorporate wood from FSC-Certified Sustainable sources. Good for the knives, good for the planet.

“Wow! Great presentation!"


Are they talking about your food, or your Bonded Teak knives?

The 6" double edge design of this versatile blade features a serrated edge for slicing proteins and cheese as well as a seamless edge for fruit and veggies.

Schmidt Brothers Curve®

The considered, ergonomic design of our patented Schmidt Brothers Curve® is engineered for a comfortable grip, reduced slippage, and ease of use.