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BBQ Ash Fill & Grill



When it comes to grilling, it’s never “just one more thing.” The Schmidt Brothers-designed Ash Fill & Grill was made with the flexibility to fit your biggest barbecue dreams. A stainless steel mesh wire basket stands up to the heat, while the long Ash Pakka wood handle gives you extra reach to avoid getting burned. Go ahead and shut the grill. The handle’s detachable, too. When it’s time to wash up, just remove the handle and toss the basket right in the dishwasher. That’s not just big. That’s huge.


  • LAY IT ON: Set the tray onto the grill and grab it without gloves. It’s not magic. It’s the Schmidt Brothers designed BBQ Ash Grab & Grill.
  • THREE REASONS, GO: Square holes allow a flavorful smoke. Detachable handles let you shut the grill. Plus, the Ash Pakka wood gives style made to last.
  • WE’LL WASH UP: Cleanup is a breeze. Just detach the handles and set the tray in the dishwasher. Done.
  • BEAT THE HEAT: Sturdy, stainless steel stands up to the flames like a champ, while the non-stick coating and raised sides stop you from feeding them.
  • OUR GRILL-OSOPHY: We’re the Schmidt Brothers and we aim to craft the finest stainless steel barbecue tools you’ll ever grill with. Sound good?


  • Product Length - 17.5 inches
  • Product Width - 14.0 inches
  • Product Height - 2.0 inches

Use & Care

  • BBQ Basket is dishwasher safe without the handle.


  • Lifetime Warranty

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